Environmental Associations

We as a golf course are working with the following Environmental Associations.

United States Geological Survey

We work with the USGS to monitor groundwater in relation to the 8 Mile River watershed. We also maintain the habitat on #7 and #15 to aid in the preservation of the Spotted Salamander.



Fox Hopyard

Audubon International

We have joined and are beginning to work with the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf. Our goal is to create diversity, education and awareness of the wildlife on our property. We plan to install bird houses and viewing areas, bee hives and butterfly areas to promote awareness of the growing need to revive the population of pollinators. Bat houses to revive the bat population and reduce populations of mosquitoes or other pest insects. Also to develop programs to reduce water usage, chemical usage, and fertilizer usage to promote healthier ground water and lower our environmental impact.



Monarchs in the Rough

The monarch butterfly is a North American icon, but the butterfly’s population has declined by more than 90 percent over the last two decades. To combat this decline and the decline of other key pollinators, Audubon International and Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to create Monarchs in the Rough, a program that partners with golf courses to restore pollinator habitat in out-of-play areas. We are working to create essential habitat for butterflies and increase awareness of the golf sector’s contribution to the monarch conservation challenge. As a benefit of being an Audubon International member, you can join our efforts to support the monarch butterfly and help the golf community be a part of the pollinator solution.



Fox Hopyard Hole 18

Connecticut Environmental Council

“As superintendent of a property that boasts a large amount of wetland areas, I felt we needed to have representation in our local government in regard to environmental policy.”

-Jeffrey Swanson, Golf Course Superintendent