Membership FAQ

Will members enjoy reciprocal playing privileges at the other Fox courses?
All members are welcome to also play at Crumpin-Fox Club in Bernardston, Massachusetts and at 50% of the prevailing rate at Fox Hollow Golf Club in the Tampa area.

Will walking be allowed on the golf course?
Absolutely! Golfers are not required to use a golf cart.

Will the public be able to use the club facilities?
The Club may book visitor tee times and our clubhouse restaurant will be open to the public to the extent that the golf course and its facilities can be enjoyed by all. This will allow us to staff and maintain the Club to it’s optimal level. However, as at our other golf course, our members will be our first priority.

If I resign my membership, how long do I have to wait until I get my certificate money back?
Upon resignation from the Club, the former member shall receive his or her refundable money back within one year of the date of resignation.

Top 10 Reasons to Call Fox Hopyard Home

  1. Sense of belonging, friendship, comradery, networking opportunities
  2. Entertain your guests, enjoy significantly reduced guest fee rate
  3. Award winning course layout
  4. Outstanding course conditions
  5. Excellent and reliable pace-of-play on a daily basis
  6. Opportunity to play “a few holes” or as many as your schedule permits
  7. No green fees for members
  8. Advanced and protected tee times
  9. Discounts in golf shop
  10. Discounts on food and beverages

Contact us at Call Fox Hopyard for membership info at(800) 943-1903 or for a more complete list of membership benefits.