Course Tour


Par 4 | Handicap 13/m 11/w

The opening hole at Fox Hopyard is a slightly downhill par four with a gentle dogleg right. As with all of the holes at the Hopyard, precision is more important than power. A well placed tee ball leaves a shot iron into a green guarded on the left by a grass depression and on the right by a large bunker.


Tee Distance
BLACK  390
BLUE 374
Gold 337
RED 308


Par 3 | Handicap 3/m 3/w

This medium length uphill par four plays significantly longer than its yardage. The tee shot can be intimidating as it must carry a large wetland. The uphill fairway also slopes right to left making the approach shot that much more challenging. You should hit one to two clubs more than normal to offset the upslope and avoid the two bunkers guarding the front of the green.


Tee Distance
BLACK  409
BLUE 383
Gold 343
RED 286


Par 5 | Handicap 7/m 7/w

This picturesque par five continues up the same hill as the number two. To safely reach the fairway one must first negotiate a beautiful yet frightening crevice in the earth. The second shot should be positioned down the left side of the fairway to aviod the steep drop- off to the right leaving a short approach shot.


Tee Distance
BLACK  517
BLUE 504
Gold 429
RED 396


Par 3 | Handicap 17/m 17/w

If there ever was a hole that could take your breath away, this is it. This par three drops a full 90 feet from tee to green. Seven tees grace the hillside offering a variety of angles to the largest green on the course. Club selection is at a premium; in general, one to three less than normal. Four pot bunkers some 15 feet below the putting surface guard the green front left and right.


Tee Distance
BLACK  202
BLUE 184
Gold 147
RED 127


Par 5 | Handicap 9/m 9/w

This risk/reward downhill par five offers a beautiful panoramic view. A well- struck tee ball that avoids the hazard right and large fairway bunker left offers the bold player the prospect of getting home in two. the downhill second may also be played conservatively to a plateau 75 yards from the green which is surrounded by hazards.


Tee Distance
BLACK  506
BLUE 486
Gold 289
RED 244


Par 4 | Handicap 11/m 13/w

This “cape-style” par four offers one of the most dramatic tee shots at Fox Hopyard. Wetlands flank the entire left side of this dogleg left. Bite off what you can chew as a bold and well- executed tee ball offers a very short iron into an inviting green. The prudent player will assay a route more to the right leaving a mid- iron into the green.


Tee Distance
BLACK  384
BLUE 345
Gold 289
RED 244


Par 4 | Handicap 1/m 1/w

One of the most difficult holes on the front nine, this par four requires precision both off the tee and into the green. Water hazards and wetlands abound. Club selection off the tee is critical. Select enough club to carry the wetland down the left side yet not too avoid bunkers right and left as well as the lake on the left. A back left pin increases the difficulty of this hole.


Tee Distance
BLACK  395
BLUE 384
Gold 339
RED 317


Par 3 | Handicap 15/m 15/w

This medium length par three is all carry over a lake to the green which is wide yet shallow. Take plenty of club because a mis- club or mis- hit shot may hit the bank and roll back into the lake.


Tee Distance
BLACK  180
BLUE 165
Gold 127
RED 96


Par 4 | Handicap 15/m 5/w

The landing area on this long par four measures a some 60 yards across at 180 yards from the green. However, the closer you get to the green the narrower the fairway becomes until you are finally pinched between the hazard left and fairway bunkers right. The real challenge is with the approach shot. a gaping bunker and hazard lurk on the left and the multi- tired green is a full three clubs from front to back.


Tee Distance
BLACK  412
BLUE 383
Gold 323
RED 308


Back 9

Par 4 | Handicap 12/m 12/w

The inward nine begins with a narrow, tree lined downhill par four. The second shot is played from a slightly downhill lie to a long, narrow green that drops off on the right.


Tee Distance
BLACK  412
BLUE 400
Gold 358
RED 339


Par 3 | Handicap 14/m 14/w

This medium length par three is the only hole at Fox Hopyard without a bunker. A vast wetland and a rock wall front the green offering no forgiveness for a mis- hit approach shot.


Tee Distance
BLACK  192
BLUE 170
Gold 143
RED 110


Par 4 | Handicap 2/m 2/w

One of the most dramatic holes at the Hopyard. This long par four has one of the widest landing areas, but like number nine the fairway narrow as you get closer to the green. The second shot is played over wetlands to a wide and shallow green with a deep swale on the right.


Tee Distance
BLACK  415
BLUE 388
Gold 343
RED 317


Par 4 | Handicap 4/m 8/w

If the tee shot on number four takes your breath away, the tee shot on number thirteen will make your knees shake. This long par four requires a long carry off the tee over the wetland. The difficulty on the tee ball is compounded by a prevailing wind which is generally in your face. The second shot is played with a long iron or fairway wood to a green protected by a huge bunker on the left. This multi- tired green once again promises to challenge even the most proficient putter.


Tee Distance
BLACK  450
BLUE 429
Gold 374
RED 319


Par 3 | Handicap 16/m 16/w

This long par three starts on an elongated tee box that directs you to the well-bunkers green that is carved into a wooded backdrop. A high, soft tee shot is necessary to hold this small green; otherwise a good test of your short game is to be expected.


Tee Distance
BLACK  224
BLUE 199
Gold 153
RED 115


Par 5 | Handicap 2/m 4/w

This dogleg right par five provides mystery from the tee. With the out of bounds left and hazard on the right the tee shot needs not to be long but must be accurate. This hole will almost always be a three shot hole. The spacious fairway narrows before the hazard which guards the elevated green.


Tee Distance
BLACK  567
BLUE 534
Gold 491
RED 462


Par 3 | Handicap 18/m 18/w

This slightly downhill par three can be described in two ways; from the front accessible, from the back Herculean. No matter your choice of tees you will find your target a large and rolling green protected by front bunkers left and right.


Tee Distance
BLACK  249
BLUE 220
Gold 175
RED 134


Par 4 | Handicap 8/m 6/w

The seventeenth tee provides a serene pond- site setting with a beautiful view of the eighteenth green and clubhouse. The fairway on the long dogleg right par four is invisible from the tee. The uphill second shot is played generally into a prevailing wind, necessitating a long iron or fairway wood approach.


Tee Distance
BLACK  457
BLUE 436
Gold 373
RED 357


Par 5 | Handicap 10/m 10/w

Our home hole is a dramatic par five with plenty of room off the tee. Large bunker frame the fairway off the tee. A large pond skirts the right side of the hole from 180 yards in and a series of bunkers line the left side of the approach area. The second shot, whether it is a bold attempt at getting home or a lay- up, must be precise. Your efforts will not go unnoticed at this finishing hole as the clubhouse is perched high above the green.


Tee Distance
BLACK  551
BLUE 528
Gold 484
RED 467