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Dues, initiation fees, and membership surcharges are subject to Connecticut State admissions taxes. For membership information or to join, please contact Cheri McIntosh at (413) 223-1191, email, or fill out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will members ever receive assessments from the club?

NO! Fox Hopyard is a privately owned, non-equity facility. All capital improvements will be made and funded by ownership, NOT the members.

When is the initiation fee due?

The first third of the initiation fee is due upon joining. Charter members have the option to pay the initiation fee in full at a 4% discount or over a three-year period of continuous membership at Fox Hopyard. No additional payment of initiation fee is required if membership is not renewed the following year.

How do I join?

Joining is simple! If you decide to become a member of the Fox Hopyard family, a completed application with payment information needs to be submitted to Cheri Mcintosh, Business Manager for Fox Golf.

Why should I join as a Charter Member?

Charter Membership at Fox Hopyard is limited in quantity. Initiation fees will increase substantially once this membership category is full.

Are cell phones and wireless devices allowed at Fox Hopyard?

Yes. We understand that many members are not able to enjoy the benefits of membership without the ability to work and “play” at the same time. Out of courtesy to other members, we do ask that phones and wireless devices are placed on silent while on property.

What is the dress code?

We want you to be comfortable and are happy to have a relaxed dress code. The only place we ask denim not to be worn is during play on the golf course.

Are you a family-friendly club?

While the club does not currently offer amenities other than golf and tennis, we do consider ourselves to be a very family-friendly club. Extensive Jr. learning programs (PGA Jr. League, Jr. golf camps) will be offered as well as a schedule of social events that are fun for the entire family.

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Will there be competitive tournaments?

Yes. Our PGA staff will offer an extensive schedule of competitive events. This schedule will cater to those looking for friendly fun as well as those looking to test their game on a championship course.

Do you offer golf lessons?

We have an amazing staff of PGA Professionals who are eager to help you enjoy learning the game. Leading the way is Golf Professional, Eddie White.

Can I bring guests to the Club?

Yes! You will be proud to have Fox Hopyard on display as a member. There is no limit on the number of guests you can bring during the weekdays. Weekend guest play will be limited to three guests per member during play before noon on the weekends.

Is the course strictly private?

The golf course is strictly private for members, guests of members, and any charitable events held on weekends.

How many charity events will be held at Fox Hopyard?

It is our expectation to host charity golf events every Monday during the golf season. On occasion there may be a charity event held on other weekdays but never on the weekend. The course will open for play at noon on Monday if no charity event is scheduled. These events are important in keeping dues at a lower cost for members.

Is Fox Hopyard open year-round?

Golf and tennis will remain open as weather permits. Clubhouse hours will be reduced during the winter months. Our indoor golf facility will be available during the winter months with plans for a year round structure to eventually be built.

Will there be weddings at Fox Hopyard?

Up to four “buy out” weddings per month will be held at Fox Hopyard. These are not days in which the golf course will be closed for play. These are days in which the clubhouse and normal dining areas may not be available for use by members, and guests for a portion of the afternoon/evening. On these days, food service will be available at a renovated dining area by the pro shop.

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