Fox Hopyard is a privately owned, non-equity facility. All capital improvements will be made and funded by ownership, not the members.

The first third of the initiation fee is due upon joining. Charter Members have the option to pay the initiation fee in full at a 4% discount or over a three-year period of continuous membership at Fox Hopyard. No additional payment of initiation fee is required if membership is not renewed the following year.

Dues and initiation fees may fluctuate due to supply and demand, cost of living, services, and amenities offered, and inflationary factors. The goal is to have full membership with active participation, with that dues increases will be minimal.

Joining is simple! If you decide to become a member of the Fox Hopyard Golf Club, a completed application with payment information needs to be submitted to Cheri Mcintosh, Business Manager for Fox Golf. The application will be reviewed by the membership committee and you will be notified when accepted.

You will be invited to participate in a club onboarding session along with other new members. The onboarding session will be led by Head Golf Professional Ron Beck.

Charter Membership at Fox Hopyard is limited in quantity. Initiation fees will increase substantially once this membership category is full.

Yes. We understand that many members are not able to enjoy the benefits of membership without the ability to work and “play” at the same time. Out of courtesy to other members, we do ask that phones and wireless devices are placed on silent while on property.

No music may be played unless all players in the group give their consent. Music volume must be kept at a relatively low level and should not be audible to players in other groups.

We have junior golf programs for children from 4 to 17 including weekly programs, mini-camps, and PGA Junior League. Once our recreational facilities are complete we’ll have a full complement of both racquet and aquatic programs.

Yes. Our PGA staff will schedule and conduct a full calendar of golf events targeting all portions of our membership. The variety of events ranges from hit-and-giggle fun social scrambles to grind it out, hole-it-out medal competitions, and everything in between. We have an 18-hole Women’s Golf League (WGL), an organized 18-hole men’s group, and a 9-hole social mixed golf group.

Our range and practice facilities are among the very best in the state as are our teaching and coaching offerings. We have three professionals on staff which are led by Head Professional Ron Beck, former CTPGA Teacher of the Year, Top 50 US Kids Coach in America, and annually recognized in the Top Ten Golf Instructors in Connecticut by Golf Digest. Golf instruction and coaching will be available year-round when our two-studio golf house is completed in 2023.

Of course. Members may have three accompanied guests whenever starting times are available. Members may have 7 accompanied guests with approval from the professional staff on weekdays and weekends after 11:00. Members may introduce a foursome of unaccompanied guests with the approval of the professional staff at the unaccompanied guest of member rate. Individual guests are limited to playing Fox Hopyard 7 times per year excluding organized events. Members introducing guests are responsible for the guests’ behavior.

We will host a number of outside events, primarily on Mondays so as to interrupt member play as little as possible. Monday outings could be charity events, corporate events, or association events. As a member of the golf community, we will host rotating events from the CSGA, CTPGA, USGA, GCSAA, SNEWGA, and CWGA on an every few years basis. Weekday events will be held to a minimum and will always be posted on the calendar. Member play is still usually available on event days.

Golf, racquet sports, and aquatics will remain open as weather permits. Clubhouse hours will be reduced during the winter months. Our golf shop will be outfitted with a TrackMan simulator in January and February until our year-round simulator house is open later in 2023.

We will host a limited number of weddings at Fox Hopyard with a preference for going to member-sponsored events. Weddings will be posted on our calendar and you will be notified of any “buyout” weddings which might take over the clubhouse.